Carole & Pete Baumert
Family Comes First, Help Others & Enjoy Life

Born in the early 30's, Carole & Pete were elevated by their love. They met in their native city of Youngstown, OH in the early 50's. Pete moved away to Los Angeles, but he could not replace his memory of Carole. He decided to go back to Youngstown to get Carole and they were married on July 4th. They planned on raising a large family in sunny California where there was plenty of opportunity and the promise of a good life. Carole was extremely intelligent and had been raised with excellent family and spiritual values. Pete was very industrious and gifted in business, as he learned this from his parents who owned a busy radio and TV retail store.

From the very beginning the couple had each others back and could rely on each other to make it through each day, no matter what their challenges. Pete moved up the corporate ladder and started his own businesses. Carole raised four boys and taught them the same excellent family and spiritual values that she learned from her own upbringing. Carole & Pete's new family always lived in a new house and their boys attended new schools and churches. Pete traveled around the world as a corporate executive and worked for several worldwide companies. When their boys came of age, the family started a new business in the late 70's.

Carole found that she could do anything the business required and she wore many hats. She was the day to day guiding light in the business with Pete also working in the building. He was running his own business as well as guiding the family project along. Carole became the chief financial officer and the company grew by leaps and bounds as her children learned and quickly took on leadership roles in the expanding business. The company moved into several small offices, then a new large building with parking was constructed. From there, branch offices in other cities were envisioned. Pete was always there when his expertise was needed. Within ten years, the business was secure in it's future. The business progressed greatly by the work of their many team members who were treated well and rewarded for their good efforts.

In the late 80's, Carole became sick after a plane flight. Within a few short months she was gone forever and her family was never the same. Immediately it was apparent that Carole was the "glue" and was so central to everything the family had been doing. She made what she did seem so easy and carefree that it wasn't apparent to the rest of the family how much they all needed her. Pete took it the hardest, losing his soulmate. He soldiered on for his family but after a few years he retired from business. Enduring many changes, the business that the entire family created continues to operate to the present day. Carole & Pete also created other businesses in their life that are still operating to the present day as well.

By the late 90's, Pete needed a hobby and began his activity in car clubs. This helped him remember the good times back in California where everything was centered on the automobile and he witnessed all the classic cars as they appeared on the roads. Always thinking in terms of creating new things, he decided to create websites for fellow enthusiasts. He started a website for his local club, then he went statewide with KentuckyCarClubs.com, added FloridaCarClubs.com and then built his national website CarClubDirectory.com.

Although Pete moved farther away from his family to Florida in the early 2000's, he always returned to visit every year. He took on his role as grandfather with the same high energy that he gave to all of his endeavors throughout his life. For the last two years of his life, he moved back to Kentucky where the majority of his family lived, to spend as many of his remaining days living as near to them as he could.

Pete was a highly energetic and inventive man who always said "family comes first, help others & enjoy life" as his words to live by. Carole lived by those same words as well. Pete enjoyed his life until 2014. Here we celebrate two birthdays every year, Carole's on February 7 and Pete's on June 11. We celebrate how remarkably they lived their lives. We hope that readers of this story might remember it from time to time as they live their own lives. Carole & Pete were quite an inspiring couple to the many people whose lives they touched.

Pete's First Custom Car Project From The 50's
1947 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
Nosed - Decked - Lowered - Straight Dual Exhausts - Color Pink/Purple
Modified Olds Eighty-Eight V-8 Motor - Leaded (No Bondo)
Work Was Completed In The Early 50
's While Living In Inglewood, California.

Pete's 1963 Buick Skylark Convertible
All Original - Only 10,212 Produced
200 HP 215 Cubic Inch Aluminum V-8
Leather Interior
3 Speed Automatic Transmission
Purchased At A Louisville Collector Car Auction In The Late 90

Pete's 1990 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z Convertible
All Original - Only 1,294 Produced
230 HP 350 Cubic Inch V-8
Port Fuel Injection
4 Speed Automatic Transmission
Traded A Rare Kit Car For This Camaro In The Early 2000

Our founder Pete Baumert in his element proudly announcing car club activities

Click Here To See Pete At The 2004 Auburn Collector Car Festival!